Running: Tooks can run left and right by simply pressing the right or left arrow keys. Penguins aren't the best runners, so it will take Tooks a little time to get up to his full speed, and he can't quite stop on a dime either.

Jumping: Tooks can jump with the use of the space bar. The longer you press it down, the higher Tooks will jump!

Sliding: Tooks can slide on any surface to reach high speeds by double-tapping the right or left arrow keys. While sliding, Tooks cannot turn around or slow down more than a little bit, but he can jump into air.

Attack: Tooks can use his umbrella to attack foes by using the z key. If you hit an enemy with your umbrella, the enemy will become stunned for a short while. As Tooks progresses, he can earn a diamond tip for his umbrella. When this happens, Tooks can use his umbrella to shatter special ice blocks. Additionally, hitting an enemy with the diamond tipped umbrella will stun it permanently.

Floating: Tooks can pop open his umbrella and use it to float downward slowly by holding the up arrow key while in the air. Use this to reach far away ledges and save yourself from missed jumps! While floating, Tooks will move much more slowly left and right, so don't rely on it or you won't be able to beat levels fast enough!

Grappling: Tooks can use the hooked part of his umbrella to swing on pegs within the level. To start swinging on a peg, press and hold the jump key (spacebar) while in midair and near the peg. Tooks will latch onto the peg. When the jump key is depressed, Tooks will fly off in the direction related to how he was swinging when he released.

Pogo: Tooks can use the power of opening his umbrella to pogo himself high into the air. This action is completed by holding down while in the air to build a charge. Then, when Tooks hits the ground, he will launch upwards with explosive speed. Be careful! If you pogo and Tooks hits the ceiling going to fast, he will become stunned!.

Wall Bounce: The wall bounce is a fast way to change Tooks's direction without losing speed. To perform this action, press the jump key (spacebar) just before colliding with a wall.

Note: All movement buttons listed are assuming default controls. You can always change them to whatever you like!

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